Our communion as churches is rooted in the communion we have with God because of our union with Jesus Christ. We are all individual members of the body of Jesus Christ (the universal Church) expressed in autonomous local contexts. As a communion of churches partnering together, there are distinctive convictions and values that define us as a collective and unite us together. For the Collective to exist and thrive, it is vital that we are unified and have communion around the following three areas:

1. Theological Communion

Theological communion comes from shared unity around our Statement of Faith (click here to read our Statement of Faith), as well as the following Theological Distinctives:

1. We are Gospel-Centred

2. We are Marked by Grace

3. We are On Mission

4. We are Bible-honouring

5. We are Spirit-filled

6. We value and honour God’s good design for men and women

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2. Relational Communion

Relational communion comes through the pursuit of relational communion one with another. This is seen and experienced as the elders and leaders of the churches make a commitment to gathering together, praying together, walking together, sharing resources and experiences together, planting churches together, worshiping together, engaging in Collective initiatives together and leading our churches to do the same. 

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3. Missional Communion

Missional communion comes from the interdependency of autonomous churches flowing from theological and relational communion in order to see the Gospel advance across Merseyside.

1. Leadership Strengthening and Equipping

2. Equipping for Gospel-Centred Culture

3. Church planting, revitalisation and strengthening

4. Care for the Region

5. Collective Support Teams

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