The Collective Central Team is made up of members of staff from Cornerstone Collective who work together to allow the Collective as an organisation to function. This team is not a higher authority than the elders of the individual churches; rather the team acts as a catalyst and a directional lead for strengthening and growth in church leadership, supporting churches within the three areas of missional communion.

The Collective Central Team sets direction for the organisation, focusing on partnering with the churches relationally, missionally and operationally, enabling churches to function effectively in their local context, whatever their size and financial capacity.

Steve Robinson

Director /Senior Pastor

Steve is married to Sian and they have four children. Steve has been a Pastor at Cornerstone Church, Liverpool since November 2009 when he came with a small team to work with the existing elders and congregation to replant the church. Steve has coached, assessed and supported a number of church plants, planters, and revitalisations across Europe. Steve is a member of the Acts 29 church planting network and on the board of 20 Schemes. 

Anna Wood

Operations Director

Anna is married to Stuart and has two children.  Anna joined the staff team as Operations Director at Cornerstone Collective of Churches in September 2020, having been a part of the original team which replanted Cornerstone Church, Liverpool in 2009, as well as serving as a trustee on the board for Cornerstone Collective since 2016 and stepping onto the Trust Board of Acts 29 GB in 2020. Anna’s background in secondary school teaching and leadership has provided her with a range of skills that have proven valuable in her roles as a trustee and now as the Operations Director.  Anna is looking to develop her role in the Collective to enable existing churches and new church planters within the Collective to be supported in ‘all things operational’.