Church Planter Residency 2022-23

Why Church Planter Residency?

The Cornerstone Collective is a communion of churches partnering together in the gospel to advance the mission of God across Merseyside. One of the main focus areas of our partnership is to plant churches that go on to plant churches. 

To this end, the Church Planter Residency exists to advance the gospel across Merseyside and beyond by equipping those whom God has called to be part of planting and multiplying gospel-centered churches for the glory of God, the advance of His Church and the good of our region.

What is the Church Plant Residency set up to achieve?

The Cornerstone Collective Church Planter Residency will equip residents with the experience and resources necessary to plant churches across our region. Our hope and prayer is that we would spark a church planting movement that makes the Gospel of Jesus known across Merseyside. We desire to saturate every part of our region with churches made up of gospel-centered communities who live for, and speak of, our glorious saviour. 

This church planter residency has been designed in light of the Acts 29 assessment process. We asked the question, “What are the key elements, characteristics and general areas of gifting that are often evident in a church planter?”  Then we worked backwards, to create a residency that would train and help potential planters/church leaders to develop in these areas. In order to do this, we have integrated theological, missional and gospel-centered content, to run alongside ‘doing life’ with the covenant members of the Cornerstone Collective Churches.

What time and commitment is required of Church Plant Residents?

The residency will provide the atmosphere and platform for the residents to prepare to plant and lead. It will also provide time and space to prepare his heart, marriage (if married) and family life, for planting churches that plant churches.

The workload of the church plant resident is estimated to be a minimum of 20 hours a week. The majority of the workload will consist of personal study, cohort meetings, staff training, coaching and hands-on participation in the life of a Cornerstone Collective Church.

What areas will the Church Planter Residency focus on?

Our Residency covers 4 keys areas:


We don’t seek to be an academic theological school, but rather to create the environment through real life experience that enables residents to understand how their theological training actually works itself out in the reality of a church plant. Through reading, experience and planter workshops, residents will be able to consider their current principles and frameworks whilst reflecting on these to reform and re-shape them where necessary in order to have them best serve residents well in the context of planting their church.


Residents will be based in a local church where they will submit to that Eldership and their oversight. Submission will be an exercise in patience and humility. It is within the local church that we will seek to test and sharpen the character of residents with a personalised growth plan which has the goal that, prior to planting, the local church can affirm their character, calling and competency in planting.


We are convinced that leaders emerge, and nothing will better prepare residents for leadership than serving in the church body in a non-leadership capacity, living out their convictions and theology within the bride of Christ. This will grow into opportunities to serve in capacities such as leading teams, gospel communities, and preaching; through all of which the competency of residents in pastoral care and leadership will be tested. All of this will come with regular feedback and direction from the local Eldership and the residency leaders.


Residents will have a designated coach who will meet with them monthly. To walk with them, and mentor them through this journey. As well as this the coaches will act as an enabler in the process of directing residents towards the goal of church planting.

Testimonials from past and present Residents

“The Cornerstone Collective has provided a robust arena for me to be trained, equipped and assessed as a planter and has provided the support and strength needed for our congregation to be established. The ongoing investment in training and resourcing is helping us maximise our missional impact and the relational communion that we enjoy as a church in the Collective ensures that we have the right amount of care and support as we grow. Without the support of the Collective we would definitely not have planted Liberti Church as effectively and efficiently as what we have.”
Neil Forsythe
Pastor of Liberti Church, Lark Lane
"I have been on the church planting residency and have been massively blessed by the ability to have regular contact with various members of the team who have ‘been there and done it’. I have been allocated a mentor and a coach, a reading plan, regular reviews and a commitment to honest friendships that spur me on as I look ahead to planting Hope Church Kensington. As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another, I can testify that this is a robust sharpening process that I highly recommend."
George Osborn
Church Planting Resident

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